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Board Minutes

Minutes from the Board of Directors meetings are only posted after they have been approved by the board, usually at the next board meeting.  They are also available to all members as a recording through the office the week following the meeting.

Board Meeting April 13, 2024 Canceled

Board Meeting February 11, 2024 No Quorum

Board Meeting March 9, 2024 No Quorum

Board Meeting January 13, 2024 Canceled

Board Meeting – December 9, 2023

Board Meeting – November 11, 2023

Board Meeting – October 14, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes – September 9th, 2023

August Board Meeting Canceled

Board Meeting Minutes – July 8, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2023

Annual Meetings

Annual Members Meetings held in April of each year. Annual Meeting’s for 2020, 2021 and 2022 were cancelled due to Covid.

Shorecrest Annual Board Meeting – April 15, 2023

Shorecrest Annual Board Meeting – April 20,2024

Governing Documents

This category contains the legal documentation that form the core of the Association. The documents are listed in approximate order of importance.

An Amended Compilation of RULES and REGULATIONS  (2023 – pdf)

ByLaws (2017 – pdf)

Articles of Incorporation (1965 – pdf )

RCW’s for HOA’s

Below are links to the Revised Code of Washington that apply to our Home Owners Association which is a Washington State Non-Profit (NOT a federal Non-Profit).

Chapter 24.03 RCW Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act

Chapter 24.06 RCW: Nonprofit Miscellaneous and Mutual Corporations Act

Chapter 64.38 RCW Homeowners’ Associations